Disable RapidDeploy

If you have previously configured any of the three RapidDeploy options for a Firebox, and later decide that you do not want the device to use the RapidDeploy file, you can disable RapidDeploy on the Product Details page.

To disable RapidDeploy file for a device:

  1. Go to the Product Details page for the device.
  2. In the RapidDeploy section, click Change Configuration.
  3. Select Do not use RapidDeploy.
  4. Click Save.

When RapidDeploy is not enabled, your device uses its default configuration when it starts with factory-default settings. This option disables all RapidDeploy methods, including RapidDeploy from the Management Server.

If you enable RapidDeploy on the Management Server after you select Do not use RapidDeploy, RapidDeploy is enabled again.