RapidDeploy QuickStart Activation Options

RapidDeploy QuickStart is supported only on Firebox T10, T30, T50, T70, M200 and M300 models.

When you activate a Firebox that supports RapidDeploy QuickStart you can select one of these options:

RapidDeploy QuickStart

Select this option if you want your device to automatically download a configuration file created by WatchGuard. RapidDeploy QuickStart automatically configures your device with policies and services recommended by WatchGuard.

For more information about the RapidDeploy QuickStart method, see Use RapidDeploy QuickStart.

When you select RapidDeploy QuickStart, you set the passphrases for the two built-in Device Management accounts for your device. For information about the passphrases, see About RapidDeploy Passphrases.

Classic Activation

Select this option if you want your device to use factory-default settings when you power on the device. With Classic Activation, you use the Web Setup Wizard or WatchGuard System Manager Quick Setup Wizard to create a basic configuration file for your device.

If you prefer to upload a custom configuration file for RapidDeploy, select Classic Activation. Then go to the Product Details page and upload a custom configuration file for RapidDeploy. For more information, see Upload a Configuration File for RapidDeploy.