Manage User Account Permissions in the WatchGuard Portal

In your WatchGuard Portal account, you can assign roles to user accounts. The user roles assigned to a user determine what information the user can see and what actions the user can take in the WatchGuard Portal and your WatchGuard cloud-based applications.

To edit users in the WatchGuard portal, your user account must have the Admin User Management role.

To manage the users in your WatchGuard Portal account:

  1. Go to and log in to the WatchGuard Portal with your WatchGuard user account credentials.
  2. In the Support Center, select My WatchGuard > Manage Users.
    The Manage Users page appears with a list of all users in your account.

Screen shot of the Manage Users page on the WatchGuard Portal

To edit permissions for a user account:

  1. On the Manage Users page, find the user account to edit.
  2. In the user row, click , and select Edit permissions.
    The Manage User Permissions page for the selected user account appears.

Screen shot of the Manage User Permissions page.

  1. For each permission setting, select the user role from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Save.
    The new permissions take effect the next time the user logs in.

For each user, you can configure the user role for these WatchGuard Portal and service options:

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