RapidDeploy Configuration File [Fireware XTM v11.6.3 and later]

You can use RapidDeploy to remotely configure a Fireware XTM device. RapidDeploy is supported for XTM devices originally manufactured with Fireware XTM v11.6.3 or later. To use RapidDeploy, you create a configuration file and upload it to the WatchGuard website. When the XTM device starts with factory default settings, it automatically requests the configuration file from WatchGuard.

For more information about RapidDeploy, see About RapidDeploy in the My Products Help.

For an XTM device to use a RapidDeploy file, the version of the configuration file must be higher than 11.4.0, but not higher than the version of Fireware XTM OS installed on the device. We recommend that you use a configuration file that is version 11.6.3 or higher for RapidDeploy. Since you cannot directly set the configuration file version in Policy Manager, we have created a version 11.6.3 configuration file that you can edit to create a RapidDeploy file your device.

To use the attached 11.6.3 configuration file:

  1. Download the attached file, RapidDeploy.xml.
  2. Open the file in Policy Manager.
  3. In Policy Manager, select Setup > System to change the XTM device model in the configuration to match the model number of the remote XTM device you want to configure.
  4. If necessary to enable configuration of licensed add-on features, select Setup > Feature Keys, and import the feature key for the device.
  5. Configure the policies and settings you want to use on the remote device.
  6. Save the edited configuration to a file.

You can upload the edited configuration file to the Your RapidDeploy File section of the Product Details page for the device on the WatchGuard website.