About Subscription Licenses

When you purchase and activate a subscription license, the license is automatically added to your WatchGuard Cloud account. You can add and manage users in WatchGuard Cloud as usual, with no allocation limits.

After you activate a subscription license:

  • You can add any number of users to your account and your managed accounts.
  • Managed accounts can now add any number of users to their account. You can limit the maximum number of users for an account. For more information, see Limit the Number of Users for a Managed Account.
  • Places that display the number of allocated AuthPoint users have been updated to display a count of term license users and a count of subscription users.
  • The Manage Products page in the WatchGuard Support Center now displays an active subscription license and user count.

Subscription and Termed Licenses

You can have both a termed license and a subscription license. Users from termed licenses (including Passport) are always used first because they are prepaid.

Subscription usage accounts for your activated term licenses that have not expired. So, if you have 100 AuthPoint users and a term license for 60 users, then you would receive an invoice for 40 subscription users (100 users – 60 term user licenses).

When you renew or upgrade a term license, your subscription user count is automatically updated so that only the users in excess of your termed licenses are billed as subscription users. For example, if you have 100 AuthPoint users and you upgrade your existing term license from 60 users to 80 users, your subscription user count after you upgrade is 20 (100 users – 80 term user licenses).

For accounts with an active subscription license, termed licenses that expire do not cause overallocation. When a termed license expires, users in excess of your termed licenses are billed as subscription users.

If you cancel a subscription, users in excess of your termed license(s) become overallocated.

Subscription Billing

On the first of each month, WatchGuard Cloud counts the total number of subscription users from all accounts in your tenant (your account and your managed accounts). This count is the number of subscription users you are invoiced for the following month.

Any users that are added or removed before the next billing date will have immediate product access, but are not billed until the next billing date. For example, on August 1 there are 100 total subscription users among your managed accounts, and on August 5 an account adds 10 additional users. Your invoice for August will be for 100 users (the count on August 1) and your invoice for September will be for 110 users. The 10 users get to use AuthPoint for free in August.

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