User Management

The Users page is where you manage AuthPoint user accounts. You can see your AuthPoint users and the details for each user account. These are the end-users who use AuthPoint for authentication.

From the Users page you can:

User and Token Status

The User Name and Token columns show the status of the user account and that user's tokens. You can see if a user or token is active or blocked. In the Token column, you can click on a token to see information about that token and the device that it is activated on.

For more information, see Block a User or Token.

User Status Definition
The user account is activated and can authenticate with any active tokens
The LDAP synced user account cannot authenticate because the LDAP user was moved or deleted
The user cannot authenticate with any WatchGuard tokens on any of their mobile devices
The user cannot authenticate because your AuthPoint account has more users than your license supports
Token Status Definition
The token is activated and can be used for authentication
The token is blocked and the user cannot authenticate with that token (they can still authenticate with other active tokens)
The token has not been activated

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