Change the AuthPoint Gateway Service Ports

The AuthPoint Gateway runs as four services: Gateway, RADIUS, LDAP, and ADFS. The Gateway uses these TCP service ports for internal communication between the different Gateway services:

  • WatchGuard AuthPoint Gateway service — TCP port 9000
  • WatchGuard AuthPoint LDAP service — TCP port 9001
  • WatchGuard AuthPoint RADIUS service — TCP port 9002
  • WatchGuard AuthPoint ADFS service — TCP port 9003

If other applications use these TCP service ports, the Gateway might fail to start or appear offline. To change the port a Gateway service uses, you can update the local configuration file for that service. Each Gateway service has its own configuration file.

To change which port a Gateway service uses:

  1. On the computer or server where the Gateway is installed, navigate to c:\Program Files (x86)\WatchGuard.
  2. Open the folder for the Gateway service that you want to modify. Each Gateway service has a separate folder with its own configuration file:
    • ADFS service folder name — AuthPoint ADFS
    • Gateway service folder name — AuthPoint Gateway
    • LDAP service folder name — AuthPoint LDAP Sync
    • RADIUS service folder name — AuthPoint RADIUS
  3. Open the configuration file for the Gateway service in a text editor.
  4. On a new line, type port=<new port number>. For example, to change the Gateway service to use port 9009, type port=9009.

    Make sure the new port is not in use.

  5. Restart the Gateway service.

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