Add a Group

Applies To: AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication, AuthPoint Total Identity Security

In AuthPoint, groups are how you define which resources your users have access to and which Corporate Credentials are shared with them. You add users to groups in AuthPoint, then you add the groups to the authentication policies that specify which resources users can authenticate to.

You must add at least one group before you can add authentication policies or add users to AuthPoint.

To sync external groups from Active Directory or Azure Active Directory, you must add an external identity and create a group sync with the Create new synchronized groups option enabled. To learn how configure an external identity, see Sync Users from Active Directory or LDAP and Sync Users from Azure Active Directory.

To add a group to AuthPoint, in the AuthPoint management UI:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Groups.
  2. Click Add Group.

Screen shot that shows the Groups page.

  1. In the New Group section, in the Name text box, type a descriptive name for the group.
  2. (Optional) In the Description text box, type a description of the group.

Screen shot that shows the New Group page.

  1. Click Save.
    Your group is listed on the Groups page.

Screen shot that shows the New Group page.

Screen shot that shows the Groups page with a new group added.

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