About Monitoring Applications

The Monitoring > Applications page displays the list of applications used on a specific SSID and also includes information on a per-client level. You can use this information to configure Application Firewall rules. For more information. see Application Firewall.

Enable Application Visibility

Information only appears on this page if you have enabled the Application Visibility option for an SSID profile.

To enable Application Visibility in an SSID profile.

  1. In Manage, select Configuration > Device Configuration > SSID Profiles.
  2. Select an existing SSID profile to edit, or add a new SSID profile.
  3. In the SSID profile, select the Application Visibility check box.
  4. Save the profile.

Application Visibility is only supported on 802.11ac Wave 2 devices. Encrypted applications are not detected by the Application Visibility feature.

View Application Properties

From the SSID drop-down list, you can use the filter to view events specific to an SSID. Enable the Live switch to view live application usage.

You can click the name of the application to view the application properties.

Application Name Name of the Application
Category Displays the device category.
Usage in last 15 minutes Displays the exact data usage over last 15 minutes.
Usage % in last 15 minutes Displays the data usage in percentage over the last 15 minutes.
Threat Index

Displays the threat index between 1 to 5. The threat index or risk is calculated on a scale of 1 to 5 based on the cumulative value of these factors:

  • 1 point if application uses excessive bandwidth
  • 1 point if application is vulnerable to potential data leakage
  • 1 point if application is prone to misuse
  • 2 points if application contains or is used by malware
Last Used Time

Displays the time of day when the application was last used.

Live Data Usage The Live data usage column is only shown if the Live option is enabled.

View Top Locations by Application Data Usage

The Top Locations by Application Data Usage graph on Page 1 displays the top locations based on the data usage for the selected application.

View Application Data Usage Over Time

The Application Data Usage Over Time graph on Page 2 displays the data usage over a period of time for the selected application.

View Top Clients by Application

The Top Clients by Application graph on Page 3 displays the top clients based on application usage.