View AP and Client-based Threat Details

When you click a threat type in the list of AP or client-based threats, you can see all events that fall under this threat type, and the list of devices participating in the respective events. This helps you examine the details of the threat type and determine the actions taken after the threat was detected.

The threat details or the events are displayed in the upper half of the page. The lower half of the page displays the details of the participating device and the administrator action logs. The middle of the page contains the toolbar to perform various operations related to the events displayed in the upper half of the page.

To view the threats for a location:

  1. Select Forensics.
  2. Select the location where you want to view the threats.
  3. Click the time hyperlink next to Select duration to define the time duration for which you want to view the threats.
  4. Select the type of threat under AP related threats or Client related threats.




Event ID.

Event Severity

Icons that indicate the severity of the event. Possible values are: high, medium, and low.


Event description..

Start Time

Event start time

Stop Time.

Event stop time.

Event Read Status

Indicates if the event  has been read.

Event Vulnerability Status

Icons that indicate whether the event contributes to the vulnerability of the location.


Event location.

Event Category

Category of the event.

Event Type

Type of event indicated by an icon.