About the Dashboard

The Dashboard page is a snapshot of your wireless network. It contains one or more pages of widgets that show activities related to APs, clients, networks, and the wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS). You can select from a predefined collection of widgets and add them to the Dashboard. Dashboard widgets are categorized as AP, Client, Network , and WIPS widgets.

Click the page number buttons to view each Dashboard page. Page names appear at the top left and follow the format "Dashboard [page number]." For example, the first page is named "Dashboard 1." To rename the page, click the page name and type a new name.

Select a location to see data for that specific location. If you select a parent location, you can view the aggregated data including child locations.

Add a Page to the Dashboard

The Dashboard can accommodate up to five pages of widgets. Each page can contain up to nine widgets. You can add new pages and define the number of widgets on each page. You can have widgets from different widget categories on the same page. You can add the same widget more than once to the same page.

To add a widget to an existing page, click the Customize Dashboard icon and select a widget.

To add a new page to the Dashboard, click Add Dashboard page icon.  Drag the mouse to select the number of widgets and the layout. The number of widgets you select here indicates the maximum number of widgets that can later be added to that page. The new page is appended after the existing pages.

Delete a Page from the Dashboard

Click Delete Dashboard page iconto delete the current page from the Dashboard.

To delete a different page, click the page number to go to that page, and click Delete Dashboard page icon to delete the page.

Print a Dashboard Page

You can print a Dashboard page. All the widgets on the Dashboard page are included on the printed page.

To print a Dashboard page, click Print icon.

The page must be printed in landscape mode. For best rendering of the page, we recommend you use the Google Chrome browser.

Customize Dashboard

Click Dashboard Settings iconto customize the widgets on your Dashboard. Click on a widget to add it to the dashboard. You can add the same widget more than once.