Trusted Wireless Environment with WIPS

A Trusted Wireless Environment is a framework that enables you to build a complete Wi-Fi network that is fast, easy to manage, and most importantly, secure. A Trusted Wireless Environment provides automatic protection from the six primary Wi-Fi threat categories:

  • Rogue access point
  • Rogue client
  • Neighbor access point
  • Ad-hoc connection
  • Evil Twin access point
  • Misconfigured access point

For more information about the WatchGuard Trusted Wireless Environment and the six Wi-Fi threat categories, see Trusted Wireless Environment on the WatchGuard web site.

With WIPS, it is easy to quickly create a Trusted Wireless Environment and automatically protect your Wi-Fi network against the six common Wi-Fi threat categories. You can use WatchGuard APs for both Wi-Fi access and WIPS security protection, or you can use APs as dedicated WIPS security sensors that you can deploy alongside other WatchGuard APs or third-party APs and Wi-Fi controllers.

For detailed information on how to configure Wi-Fi Cloud WIPS to meet the requirements of a Trusted Wireless Environment, see Create a Trusted Wireless Environment with WIPS.

You can test your own wireless network security measures to see if they are able to detect and prevent the six known threats identified by the Trusted Wireless Environment. For more information, see the Trusted Wireless Environment Test Guide.