Getting Started with WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud WIPS

WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention Service) is a powerful, cloud-based, enterprise-level wireless security solution that helps detect and prevent threats to your wireless network.

WIPS includes these security technologies that work together to secure your wireless network:

  • Auto-classification of APs and clients using marker packet techniques that can classify APs, clients, and networks, including vulnerable and guest SSIDs, based on the sources and types of wireless traffic
  • Authorized WLAN policies to enforce a minimum set of security parameters for wireless access
  • Intrusion Prevention capabilities to detect wireless security threats and actively mitigate certain types of attacks
  • Device list banning to permanently ban specific device MAC addresses from accessing the network
  • Device locking to prevent new APs and clients from joining the network
  • Smart device recognition and classification for mobile devices connecting to the wireless network

These sections describe how to enable and configure WIPS to protect your WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud network and devices:

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