Device List Locking

When you lock an AP or client device list, no more devices of that type can be subsequently Authorized for the selected location.

This feature is intended for high-security environments where a specific list of Authorized APs and clients can access the network. Any APs, even if they conform to your authorized WLAN policy as an Authorized AP, will not be allowed access until you add them manually to your network.

Because APs are not automatically moved to the Authorized folder, when you lock the list of Authorized APs, no wired APs will be tagged as Potentially Authorized at this location. These APs will become Potentially Rogue and may be automatically moved to the Rogue folder based on your AP Auto-Classification policy.

Do not enable this feature until you are confident that you have identified and categorized all Authorized devices and want to make sure that any new device has to be manually Authorized before it can access your wireless network.

  1. To lock the list of authorized APs and clients for a location, select Configuration > WIPS > Device List Locking.
  2. Select a location.

Screen shot of the Device List Locking page

  1. To lock the list of authorized APs, select the Lock AP List for location check box.

To lock the list of authorized client devices, select the Lock Client List for location check box.

  1. Click Save.