SSID Scheduling

Use the SSID Scheduling feature to make an SSID available or active only for a limited time period, or only for a limited number of hours during the day. For example, you might want to keep an SSID active only during the working hours, or say for a limited time period during the year. In such cases, you can define a schedule for the SSID.

You can add, edit, delete, and disable SSID scheduling from the SSID Scheduling section of an SSID Profile.

You must first define the time duration for which you want to deploy the SSID. Then you can define the schedule for the individual days during this time duration. The SSID scheduling is performed based on the location time zone .

You can define a daily schedule or a weekly schedule for the SSID.

  • In a daily schedule, the SSID is active for the same time slot on all days of the week.
  • In a weekly schedule, the SSID is active during different times on different days. For example, you can configure the schedule so the SSID is active from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM during weekdays and inactive on weekends.

Add an SSID Schedule

To define a daily or weekly SSID schedule:

  1. Expand the SSID Scheduling section of an SSID profile.
  2. Specify the duration to deploy the SSID.

By default, the values are from Now to Forever indicating that the SSID is deployed permanently. If you want to deploy the SSID only for a limited time duration, specify the from date and to date by clicking the Now and Forever links and selecting the respective dates. You can also select a Custom date range.

  1. Select the Enable Scheduling check box.
  2. Click Daily or Weekly depending on whether you want a daily schedule or a weekly schedule.
  3. Select the active intervals for the SSID.

Active interval is the time during which the SSID is active. Up to three different active intervals can be selected for a day. The minimum active time duration that you can select is 30 minutes, enabling you to select two slots in each hour of the day. Click between the squares representing the time of the day (0–23) to select the desired active intervals.

  1. Click Save.

Delete an SSID Schedule

Click Clear All to delete the existing SSID schedule.

Disable an SSID Schedule

Clear the Enable Scheduling check box to disable SSID scheduling for the SSID profile.