Manage RADIUS Profiles

You can create RADIUS configuration profiles that you can apply to any feature that uses RADIUS authentication. This enables you to configure RADIUS settings once and avoids the need to configure the same RADIUS settings separately in each SSID profile.

In an SSID Profile, you can configure RADIUS settings for these features:

  • Security mode is WPA2 or WPA/WPA2 mixed mode with 802.1x selected
  • Secondary authentication that uses RADIUS MAC authentication
  • Captive Portal configured as External Splash Page with RADIUS Authentication

To configure RADIUS MAC Authentication:

  1. Select Configuration > Device Configuration > RADIUS Profiles.
  2. Select an existing RADIUS profile, or click Add RADIUS Profile.
  3. Configure these RADIUS profile options:



Profile Name The name of the RADIUS server profile.

IP Address

IP address of the RADIUS server.

Authentication Port

Port number on which the RADIUS server listens for authentication requests. The default is 1812.

Accounting Port

Port number on which the RADIUS server listens for accounting requests. The default is 1813.

Shared Secret

Shared secret for the RADIUS server.

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