External Splash Page for Sign-In/Click-through

This type of portal is hosted on WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud or an external server.

You can configure the portal as a click-through page without any authentication, or require authentication. The portal will prompt the wireless user to authenticate before access to the network is granted.

Configure External Splash Page with Sign-in/Click-through

To configure external splash page for sign-in/click-through:

In the Splash Page URL and Shared Secret text boxes, type the URL for the splash page and type the shared secret.

For WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud portals created with Engage and Analyze, you can find this value in Analyze from the Analyze > Portals page. Click Show for the required portal.

WatchGuard Analyze Portals page

The portal shared secret is used to generate the HMAC digest that is sent to the AP after the user authenticates. For more information. see How the HMAC Digest is Generated.