External Splash Page for Sign-In/Click-through

This type of portal is hosted on WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud or an external server.

The portal is either click-through without any authentication or requires client authentication. The portal will prompt the wireless user to authenticate before access is given.

The portal can prevent Internet access unless the users accept the Terms of Use on the Captive Portal. After accepting the terms, the authentication sites are accessible. After the user is authenticated, Internet access becomes available. To disable this feature, remove entries from the authentication sites. For more information, see About Authentication Sites and Walled Garden.

Configure External Splash Page with Sign-in/Click-through

To configure external splash page for sign-in/click-through:

  1. Open Manage.
  2. Select Configuration > Device Configuration > SSID Profiles.
  3. Select an existing SSID profile or create a new profile.
  4. Expand the Captive Portal section.
  5. Select the Enable Captive Portal check box.
  6. Select the External Splash Page for Sign-in/Click-through option.
  7. In the Splash Page URL and Shared Secret text boxes, type the URL for the splash page and type the shared secret.

External Splash Page with Click-through Captive Portal settings page

For WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud portals created with Engage and Analyze, you can find this value in Analyze from the Analyze > Portals page. Click Show for the required portal.

WatchGuard Analyze Portals page

The portal shared secret is used to generate the HMAC digest that is sent to the AP after the user authenticates. For more information. see How the HMAC Digest is Generated.

  1. Configure the Walled Garden entries of the captive portal configuration to make sure the client is able to access the splash page hosted on the external web server.
  2. Configure a Redirect URL to which the client is redirected after they successfully login.
  3. Click Save to save the SSID Profile settings.

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