Bonjour Gateway Settings

Bonjour is the Apple implementation of zero-configuration networking. You can use Bonjour to discover devices and services advertised by Bonjour-capable devices on a local network using multicast Domain Name System (mDNS). In general, Bonjour traffic runs on local networks and is restricted to the broadcast domain of a single VLAN subnet, and clients on a different VLAN cannot discover Bonjour services.

You can use the Bonjour Gateway in Wi-Fi Cloud to route traffic from the SSID VLAN to multiple different VLANs. When a client connects to an SSID that has Bonjour Gateway enabled and a service VLAN configured, the AP forwards the mDNS packets from the service VLAN to the client VLAN (the VLAN ID configured in the SSID). The client can then see Bonjour service advertisement traffic and connect to Bonjour services on the wireless network.

A Bonjour Gateway can be configured only if the network type in the Wi-Fi profile is set to "Bridged". This feature is not available for a NAT network.

To enable the Bonjour Gateway in an SSID profile:

  1. Select Configuration > Device Configuration > SSID Profiles.
  2. Select an existing SSID profile or create a new profile.
  3. Expand the Bonjour Gateway section.
  4. Select the Enable Bonjour Gateway check box.
  5. In the Service VLANs text box, type the VLAN IDs of the VLANs on which the Bonjour-capable devices are deployed.
  6. Click Save.

If the devices are deployed on different VLANs, enter a comma-separated list of VLAN IDs. You can enter a maximum of 12 VLAN IDs.

If Dynamic VLAN is configured in the Wi-Fi profile, the mDNS packets from each Service VLAN are forwarded to all the client VLANs listed under the VLAN pool field for Dynamic VLANs. Dynamic VLAN is available only if the Security Mode in the Security tab is set to any mode other that Open and WEP.

The AP forwards the mDNS packets only to the client VLAN on the WLAN (wireless side). If wired extension is configured, the mDNS packets do not reach the wired VLANs.