Configure Language Setting

To define the system language and the SSID encoding, select Configuration > System Settings > Language Setting.

Set System Language

The system language is the default language that the system uses to communicate email messages, syslog messages, and other notifications. The default value for System Language Preference is English. Use the drop-down list to select a different language.

Set SSID Encoding

SSID settings on an AP do not display correctly if the page encoding does not match the configured SSID encoding.

Select the appropriate SSID encoding used in your region to correctly view the local language SSIDs in the system.

The default value for SSID encoding is UTF-8. To select a different SSID encoding:

  1. Select Configuration > System Settings > Language Setting.
  2. In the SSID Encoding drop-down list, select the required SSID encoding.
  3. Click Save.