Manage Auto Location Tagging

A location tag that is attached to a device or an event helps identify the location of that event or device. Wi-Fi Cloud automatically tags the devices and events to the locations where they are detected.

To configure the settings for automatic tagging of discovered devices and generated events, select Configuration > System Settings > Advanced Settings > Auto Location Tagging.

  • Devices: Based on the initial location of the device, the APs and clients are auto-tagged immediately upon discovery. You can select how the system should determine the initial location tag of the APs or clients. The system never auto-tags an AP or client if it is tagged manually. To enable auto location tagging for a device, you must delete the device and let the system rediscover the device. You must manually tag devices configured as WIPS Sensors.
  • Choose the location tag of the sensor that detects the highest RSSI value for that device.
  • Choose the location tag of the selected number of sensors that detects the highest RSSI values for that device. (Minimum: 2; Maximum: 10; Default: 2)

You can also discard the sensors that detect a lower RSSI after comparing the value with a sensor that reports a higher RSSI. (Minimum: 20 dB; Maximum: 40 dB; Default: 30 dB)

  • Events: The system tags events based on the location of the devices that participate in the events. Wi-Fi Cloud initially identifies a primary device, an AP, Client, or Sensor, for each event. The system automatically tags the location of events based on the tag for the primary device associated with the event.

The system never tags an event more than once. To tag the location of an event manually on the Events page, click the Change Location icon.

Restore Auto Location Tagging Defaults

The default values for auto location tagging are:

  • Choose a location tag that encompasses the top two devices that detect the highest RSSI value for the device.
  • Discard devices that see RSSI that is 30 db below the device that detects the highest RSSI.

To restore auto location tagging defaults:

  1. Select Configuration > System Settings > Advanced Settings > Auto Location Tagging.
  2. Click Restore Defaults to restore the default values of the auto location tagging options.
  3. Click Save to save the configuration.