About Configuration

The Configuration page enables you to configure these categories of settings for your wireless network.

Device Configuration

Configure and manage the SSID profiles in Configuration > Device Configuration > SSID Profiles. The SSID profiles can then be attached to the device templates. For more information, see Manage SSID Profiles.

Configure and manage the device templates in Configuration > Device Configuration > Device Templates. These device templates can then be applied to devices. For more information, see Manage Device Templates.

Configure and manage network interface profiles in Configuration > Device Configuration > Network Interfaces. For more information, see Manage Network Interface Profiles.

Configure Google Integration in Configuration > Device Configuration > Google Integration. For more information, see Google Integration .

Configure and manage Role Profiles in Configuration > Device Configuration > Role Profiles. For more information, see Manage Role Profiles.


Configure and manage the wireless intrusion prevention settings.

For more information, see About WIPS Configuration.


Configure and manage event-related settings and email notification for critical events.

For more information, see Configure Event Notifications.

System Settings

Configure and manage system-related settings.

For more information, see About System Settings.

ESM Integration

Configure settings for integration with Enterprise Security Management (ESM) software such as Syslog and ArcSight.

For more information, see Syslog Integration.