About WatchGuard Manage

From Manage, you can configure, monitor, and control your WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud wireless network, devices, and clients.

WatchGuard Manage Monitoring page

The Manage console includes these sections:


The Dashboard shows a graphical view of the wireless intrusion protection system (WIPS) and Wi-Fi implementations. You can see graphs for the APs and clients on your wireless network, which include the networks detected by WIPS sensors. The WIPS widgets include details about wireless threats to the network.

For more information, see About the Dashboard.


The Monitoring section includes all APs, clients, smart devices, sensors, and detected networks.

For more information, see About Monitoring.


The Events section includes the events detected by WIPS.

For more information, see About Events.


The Locations section includes your wireless deployment locations. These locations can be buildings on your campus, different floors in your office space, or a retail store. You can create and manage locations and attach a layout to each floor. You can also define WIPS and Wi-Fi policies specific to these locations.

For more information, see About Locations.


From the Reports section, you can generate predefined reports and custom reports. These reports include compliance reports, reports related to devices in the network, and events that occur on the network. You can also schedule reports and generate analytics data.

For more information, see About Wi-Fi Cloud Reports.


The Forensics section includes threats from APs and clients, and details about each threat.

For more information, see About Forensics.


In the Configuration section, you can configure and manage WIPS settings, Wi-Fi access settings, integration settings for the wireless network, and integration settings for enterprise security management servers.

For more information, see About Configuration.