Users and Profiles

When you configure the settings for each Wi-Fi Cloud user account, you assign permissions to the user account and specify which Wi-Fi Cloud services each user account can use. Each user account is assigned a profile that specifies which actions are available to the user account.

Launchpad includes:

  • Users — The Launchpad user accounts to log in to Launchpad and connect to services and tools.
  • Devices — The AP deployed at a location to which a user has access.
  • Services — The Launchpad services and tools: Launchpad, Manage, and Analyze.

The default user account profiles are:

  • Admin — The Admin profile has the highest level of privileges for all services. When the Admin profile is assigned to a user, that user can manage user accounts, register devices, and manage settings in Launchpad.  The Admin profile also has the highest level of privileges for the other Launchpad services and tools. You cannot modify the individual permissions or roles assigned to each service when you use the Admin profile.
  • Custom — This is the default profile assigned to a new user. The Custom profile does not have any predefined privileges; the privileges for each service must be manually configured. Each user who is assigned the Custom profile can have different privileges for each service.  For example, a user with a Custom profile can be an administrator in Manage and a guest book operator in Analyze. Another user with a Custom profile can be a viewer in Manage and an analyst in Analyze.

For each Launchpad service, the Admin and Custom profiles have different roles and privileges.


Role and Privileges for Launchpad Services






User Management

Superuser / Poweruser



Privileges must be manually set for each user account.

The role must be manually configured when the service is enabled.

 You must have User Management privileges in Launchpad to manage user accounts.

Profile Can Manage
Admin User accounts with Admin or Custom profiles
Custom User accounts with Custom profiles

Both Admin and Custom profiles can complete these actions for the user accounts they have permissions to manage:

  • Edit account information
  • Change the profile assigned to a user account
  • Lock or unlock a user account
  • Delete a user account

In addition to the Admin and Custom predefined profiles, you can also create user-defined profiles. For more information about user-defined profiles, see Manage Profiles.