Configure SSID Profiles

Applies To: Wi-Fi Cloud-managed Access Points (AP120, AP125, AP225W, AP320, AP322, AP325, AP327X, AP420)

SSID profiles define the parameters for wireless access, including the SSID name, security mode, and encryption settings for the Wi-Fi network.

To configure an SSID:

  1. Open Discover.
  2. From the Navigator, select a location for the SSID. SSIDs are automatically inherited by subfolder locations. Make sure to select the correct top-level location when you create an SSID.
  3. Select Configure > WiFi.

Screen shot of the Configure > WiFi settings in Discover

  1. Click Add SSID or select an existing SSID to configure.
  2. Configure these SSID settings:

Basic Settings

Screen shot of the Basic Wi-Fi profile settings in Discover

  • Type the SSID Name and Profile Name. Use a descriptive name for the SSID and Profile name for your specific deployment.
  • In the Select SSID Type section, select Private for a private Wi-Fi network SSID, or select Guest for a guest SSID Wi-Fi network.
  • (Optional) Select the Hide SSID check box to not broadcast the SSID name on the Wi-Fi network.
  • Click Next or click the Security tab to go to the next configuration section.

Security Settings

Screen shot of the SSID Security Settings page in Discover

  • From the Select Security Level for Associations drop-down list, we recommend at minimum you select WPA2 with PSK security. If required, you can customize the security settings specific to your deployment.
  • Type a Passphrase for the security mode you selected.
  • Keep other settings at their default value or customize the settings for your deployment as required.

Network and Other SSID Settings

  • Leave the default settings in this section unless you have specific configuration requirements for your deployment.
  1. Click Save to save the SSID settings, or click Save & Turn SSID On to save your settings and enable the SSID on your Wi-Fi network.

Repeat these steps to add additional SSIDs to your network.