Connect to WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud

The WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Launchpad includes services and apps that you can use to manage WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud.

To connect to Wi-Fi Cloud and access the Launchpad Dashboard:

  • From your WatchGuard account in the Support Center, select My WatchGuard > Manage Wi-Fi Cloud.

Screen shot of the WatchGuard Support Center and Wi-Fi Cloud link

Launchpad Dashboard

Launchpad Dashboard page

The Dashboard page includes the WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud services and applications that you use to manage and monitor your APs.

  • Discover — Configure Wi-Fi networks and WIPS security, monitor the health of your Wi-Fi networks, and troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
  • Manage — Advanced management of your APs, SSIDs, and security policies.
  • Analyze — Provide guest users with access to the Internet through your wireless network from a customized captive portal, and see analytics and reports about guest user access.
  • Engage — Create and customize splash pages and campaigns for your guest wireless portal.
  • Go — Set up a wireless network with this mobile-optimized application.