Add Splash Pages to a Basic Campaign

Applies To: Wi-Fi Cloud-managed Access Points (AP120, AP125, AP225W, AP320, AP322, AP325, AP327X, AP420)

You can add customized splash pages to a basic campaign.

A splash page is displayed when a user connects to a wireless network with a captive portal enabled. Splash pages provide a portal for the user to click-through or log in to your wireless network. On a splash page, you can configure images, text, terms of use policies, and social media and login links that manage how users access your network.

To add a splash page to a basic campaign:

  1. Open Engage.
  2. Select an existing campaign, or add a new campaign.

Add Splash Page to Campaign

  1. Click the Icon to add splash page icon to add and customize a new splash page.
    Each campaign can have one or more splash pages.

WatchGuard Engage Add Splash page

  • Click Preview Splash Page icon to preview how the page is displayed.
  • Click Edit Splash Page icon to edit the page.
  • Click Reset Splash Page Icon to reset the page to the default settings.
  • Click Download Splash Page icon to download the page files to your local computer. For example, you can download an existing splash page you created from a template, customize the splash page, then upload the splash page on the campaigns page. For more information on how to upload a custom splash page, see Manage Campaigns.
  • Click Save Splash Page icon to save your edits to the page.
  • Click Edit Splash Page settings iconPage to configure the page settings.
    For more information on page configuration, see Page Settings.
  • Click Configure Splash Page Plug-ins iconPlug-Ins to select the plug-ins to use on your page.
    For more information on plug-in configuration, see Plug-In Settings.

Preview Splash Page

Click Preview Splash Page icon to preview how your splash page will appear in a web browser.

The current page size is displayed in MB. The size of the splash page cannot exceed 2 MB.

You can view desktop and mobile versions of your splash page to preview how the page will appear on a specific device.

Screen shot of the Splash Page preview

Edit Page Text

To edit the text portions of a splash page, select the element you want to edit, then enter your text,

Splash Page Edit Text

You can also click the Splash Page Text Setting icon icon to open the Text Settings page and customize the text and text color.

Splash Page Text Settings

Edit Background Image

To edit or change a background picture for a page:

  1. Click an image.

Splash Page background image selection

  1. Click the Splash page settings icon to modify the settings for the background image.

Edit Splash Page background image

  • To upload a new image, click Choose Image.
    You can upload .jpg, .png, or .gif files.
  • To remove an image, select the image, then click Remove Image.
  • To change the color of the background image, select Background Color.
  • To change the pattern of the background image, select Background Pattern.