Debug Logs

Applies To: Wi-Fi Cloud-managed Access Points (AP120, AP125, AP225W, AP320, AP322, AP325, AP327X, AP420)

You can download and view AP debug log files to troubleshoot device issues. Debug files are stored in .tgz format.

To generate a debug log for an AP:

  1. In Discover, select Monitor > WiFi > Access Points.
  2. Right-click an Access Point, then select Troubleshoot > Download Debug Logs.
    The debug file is generated and will be available for download when completed.

To download debug logs, select Troubleshoot > Debug Logs.

You can freeze columns, add or remove columns, filter the display, and switch to full screen mode using the icons at the top-right of the page. For more information, see Table Actions for Monitor Pages.

Screen shot of the Monitor > Clients page to start live client debugging

  • Filename — Indicates the file name of the debug log file. The file name consists of the MAC address of the AP and the date.
  • State — The current state of the debug log file generation (Started or Stopped).
  • MAC Address — The MAC address of the AP.
  • Start Time — The start time when the debug log was generated.

To download the file, right-click the file and select Download.

To delete the file, right-click the file and select Delete.