Debug Logs

You can download and view AP debug log files to troubleshoot device issues. Debug files are stored in .tgz format.

To generate a debug log for an AP:

  1. In Discover, select Monitor > WiFi > Access Points.
  2. Right-click an Access Point, then select Troubleshoot > Download Debug Logs.
    The debug file is generated and will be available for download when completed.

To download debug logs, select Troubleshoot > Debug Logs.

You can freeze columns, add or remove columns, filter the display, and switch to full screen mode using the icons at the top-right of the page. For more information, see Table Actions for Monitor Pages.

Screen shot of the Monitor > Clients page to start live client debugging

  • Filename — Indicates the file name of the debug log file. The file name consists of the MAC address of the AP and the date.
  • State — The current state of the debug log file generation (Started or Stopped).
  • MAC Address — The MAC address of the AP.
  • Start Time — The start time when the debug log was generated.

To download the file, right-click the file and select Download.

To delete the file, right-click the file and select Delete.