Monitor Network WIPS Status

Applies To: Wi-Fi Cloud-managed Access Points (AP120, AP125, AP225W, AP320, AP322, AP325, AP327X, AP420)

In Discover, the Monitor > WIPS > Networks page lists details on all visible LAN networks.

To download a list of networks, freeze columns, add or remove columns, filter the display, and switch to full screen mode, use the icons at the top-right of the page. For more information, see Table Actions for Monitor Pages.

The data in the columns represents live data updated every 15 minutes.

Screen shot of the Networks tab on the WIPS monitor page in Discover

The WIPS - Networks monitoring page includes this information:

Field Description
Status Monitoring status of the network.
Name Network name.
Network Address IP address of the network.
Monitoring Managed Device AP that detected this network.
Gateway MAC Gateway MAC address for the network.
Exposed Since Date and time when the network was first detected.
Network Type Type of network (CDE or non-CDE)
Location Location of the network.

Network Actions

To perform actions on a network, right-click the network name, and select an action:

  • Change Network Type — Change the network type (CDE or non-CDE). If a network does not possess or transmit credit card data, you can change the network type to non-CDE.
  • Rename — Rename the network.
  • Move — Change the location of the network. The location of a network is the same as the location of the AP/Sensor that first reported the network. If there are multiple sensors connected to a network, the location of the network is the nearest common location of all reporting sensors.
  • Delete — Delete the network from the list of visible networks.

Auto Deletion Settings

Click Auto Deletion to manage the automatic deletion of networks from the WIPS monitoring pages.

Select the Duration to retain exposed networks check box, then select a value from 1 to 90 days. The default is 30 days.

Screen shot of the Auto Deletion options for the Monitor > WIPS > Networks page