Device Template Migration Tool

If you have existing legacy device templates that are based on specific AP models, we recommend that you upgrade these templates to the new universal template format.

Click the icon that appears in the top-right of the page when you have legacy model-specific templates that need to be migrated to universal templates.

How to Use the Migration Tool

When you migrate a template, you convert any model-specific configurations in the template to a universal configuration. The migration tool displays templates in the current folder that require migration. The templates also show details such as the number of devices that use the template, configurations in the template, and SSIDs that use the template.

Select a template to display its configurations and migrate the template to a universal configuration.

Note that devices can receive their configuration in one of these ways:

  • Devices that use the inherited default configuration for their folder
  • Devices to which the template is applied directly and not inherited from their folder

You can select Make Default for a configuration. This makes it the default configuration for that folder. If this is a model-specific configuration, then fixing the template converts it to a universal configuration with the settings of the original model-specific configuration.

  • APs that inherit the configuration from their folder use this default configuration.
  • Other APs form an AP Group with the selected configuration.
  • Configurations that are not in use by any APs are discarded by default. If you clear the Discard check box, an empty AP Group for each configuration is created.

Screen shot of the device template migration tool page

Click Preview to see the result of your migration choices. For example, you can see which devices form groups and which devices continue to use the configuration you have selected as the default for the location folder. Click Fix This Template to confirm.

Screen shot of the device template migration tool preview

How to Analyze the Location Tree

You can analyze the location tree to see legacy device templates that require migration to a universal configuration.

Screen shot of the device template migration tool location analyze option

From the migration tool page, open the location tree, then click Analyze at the bottom of the location tree.

When the analysis is complete, the folders are identified with colors, based on the status:

  • Red — No device templates in the folder have been migrated.
  • Orange — Some templates in the folder require migration.
  • Green — All templates have been migrated to a universal template.

Click a folder to see all the device templates under that folder that need to be migrated. Point to a folder to display the status of the migration.

To migrate a specific template, click on the template to fix it. If the template was created at a parent folder, you will be prompted to migrate the template at the parent folder location.