Location-based VLAN Mapping

You can use a VLAN Name to specify an SSID VLAN mapping. This enables you to use a VLAN Name that maps to multiple VLAN IDs for different locations. For more information on SSID VLAN mappings, see the VLAN section in Configure SSID Settings.

Location-based VLAN mapping enables you to map a VLAN Name to a VLAN ID for a specific location. Location-based VLAN mapping takes precedence over the SSID VLAN Mapping.

To add a new location-based VLAN mapping in Discover:

  1. Open Discover.
  2. Select a location.
  3. Select Configure > WiFi.
  4. Click , then select Location Based VLAN Mapping from the drop-down list.

Screen shot of the Location-based VLAN Mapping option in the SSID configuration page in Discover

  1. Type a VLAN Name and select a VLAN ID for the location, then click Add.
  2. Repeat these steps to add additional location-based VLAN mappings.

Screen shot of the Location Based VLAN Mapping page in Discover

Click to filter the VLAN mapping table.