Create Custom Report

You can create one or more custom reports for a location floor. Each report can have segments with different filter criteria. A custom report can have one segment with a Dashboard section, one segment with a Floor Maps section, and one or more segments with the remaining sections.

The Demographics, Presence, Engagement, and Wi-Fi Usage sections can be repeated in a custom report with different filters applied to each of the repeating sections.

You cannot create a custom report unless a floor map has been added to the location floor.

To create a report:

  1. Select the Reports tab.
  2. Select the location floor for which you want to create the report.
  3. Click New Report.
  4. Enter the report name.
  5. Click the icon to add a new segment.
  6. Select the section, chart, and duration.
  7. Select the required option from any other filters that appear.
  8. Repeat these steps to add new segments to the report.
  9. Click Save.