You can configure these general system settings for Conversion Analytics reports.

By default, if a client connects to an AP and has an RSSI value between -30 dBm and -70 dBm continuously for at least five minutes, then the connection is considered to be inside the premises. For more information, see Conversion Analytics.

  • RSSI Thresholds — The RSSI threshold determines the signal strength required to classify if a client is inside or outside your premises. For example, with the default of-70 dBm, this means if the wireless client signal strength is greater than -70 dBm, it is considered inside your premises.
  • Session Duration — The session duration determines how long a captive portal connection must be established to be classified as a session within Wi-Fi Cloud analytics. For example, with the default session duration of 5 minutes, this means a client must be connected to a Captive Portal for longer than 5 minutes to be considered the start of a session for Wi-Fi Cloud analytics purposes.