About Licenses in WatchGuard Cloud

To manage products and services in your WatchGuard Cloud account, you must first activate a licensed product or service on the WatchGuard Portal in the Support Center. After you activate a WatchGuard Cloud product or service, you can manage the licensed product or service from your WatchGuard Cloud account.

Access Points

These licenses are available to manage access points in WatchGuard Cloud:

  • WatchGuard Standard Wi-Fi Management
  • WatchGuard USP (Unified Security Platform) Management

For more information, see About Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud Access Point Licenses.


AuthPoint is a subscription service that enables multi-factor user authentication. You activate user licenses and then manage the service from your WatchGuard Cloud account. For more information about AuthPoint licenses, see About AuthPoint Licenses.

Firebox Visibility in WatchGuard Cloud

Both the Total Security Suite and Basic Security Suite include a subscription for WatchGuard Cloud. The subscription enables the Firebox to send log messages to WatchGuard Cloud, and determines the default retention period for Firebox data in WatchGuard Cloud.

  • Total Security Suite includes WatchGuard Cloud with 30 days of data retention
  • Basic Security Suite includes WatchGuard Cloud with 1 day of data retention

To extend the data retention period for Firebox log messages and reports, you can activate a Data Retention license. For more information, see:

If you are a WatchGuard Partner, activated products and services appear in the Inventory of your WatchGuard Cloud Service Provider account. For more information, see Inventory Management.

Endpoint Security

WatchGuard Endpoint Security includes WatchGuard Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP), WatchGuard Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), and WatchGuard Endpoint Prevention, Detection & Response (EPDR) products, as well as the endpoint security modules. You activate endpoint licenses for these products and then manage the licenses from your WatchGuard Cloud account. For more information about endpoint licenses, see About Endpoint Security Licenses.

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