Download Scheduled Reports

When a scheduled report runs, WatchGuard Cloud sends the generated reports as a zipped .PDF email attachment to the report recipients. WatchGuard Cloud also stores all scheduled report files for a limited time, based on the report frequency:

  • Monthly reports are stored for three months.
  • Weekly reports are stored for three weeks.
  • Daily reports are stored for three days.
  • Run Now reports are stored for seven days.

If a scheduled report file is larger than 10 MB, the notification email does not include an attached report file. Instead, the report notification email instructs the recipient to log in to WatchGuard Cloud to download the scheduled report.

To download a scheduled report file:

  1. Log in to WatchGuard Cloud.
  2. Select Administration > Scheduled Reports.
    The list of scheduled reports opens.
  3. In the scheduled reports list, click the report name.
    The report settings and report history show.
  4. Scroll down to the History section.

Screen shot of the History for a scheduled report

  1. To download a report file, click or (for the Authentication report).

For each report, the History shows the date the report was run, the completion status, an expiration date, and the report file size. When the report file expires, WatchGuard deletes the file.

The Executive Summary report can only be downloaded from the Device Summary page. For more information, see Executive Summary (WatchGuard Cloud).

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