Inventory Management

The Inventory in WatchGuard Cloud is where you manage the allocation of users, devices, and licenses for your own account and your managed customer accounts.

When you navigate to the Inventory page, you see a tree view on the side that lists your Service Provider account and all of the managed accounts within your tenant.

This list does not include accounts that have been delegated to you.

The icon next to an account name denotes what type of account it is (Service Provider or Subscriber). Your own Subscriber account is always listed first and has a unique icon to differentiate it.

Select an account to see an overview of what has been allocated to that account.

  • To allocate AuthPoint users to an account, from the Inventory menu, select the Allocation link below AuthPoint.
  • To allocate Fireboxes or Data Retention licenses to an account, from the Inventory menu, select the links below Firebox.

For more information, see:

Screen shot of the Inventory page.

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