Administration Page

In the Service Provider view of WatchGuard Cloud, the Administration page shows a basic overview of your account. You can see the contact listed for your account, how many operators your account has, and how many of your operators are currently online.

Click the first number under Online to see which operators are currently online.

Click View My Account to see the My Account page. The My Account page is where you can see and manage operators for the account. It also shows you additional information about your account, such as your data zone.

The Managed Access tile takes you to the Managed Access page, where you can request access to an account that has been delegated to you or that you have been asked to manage. This is for accounts are not direct child accounts under your Service Provider account.

The Operators tile takes you to the My Account page, where you can view the list of operators and add an operator.

The Beta Features tile takes you to Beta Features page, where you can enable or disable beta features for the account.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud, Administration page

In the Administration menu, click Account Groups to organize your accounts into groups so that you can assign operator permissions and endpoint policies to a group of accounts. The Account Groups page is where you can add and organize account groups.

In the Administration menu, click Trials to manage endpoint security trials. On the Trials page, you can add, upgrade, and extend trials of the WatchGuard endpoint security products and modules for your accounts.

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