Add Operators to Your Account

Operators are users who can log in to WatchGuard Cloud to view and manage account information, configure services, and see reports. You can see existing operators and add new operators from the My Account page. To edit an existing operator, from the Operators list, click the operator user name.

Only operators with the Owner or Administrator role have permissions to add operators to an account and organize accounts into account groups.

If you add an operator to a tier-1 Subscriber account, or a tier-n Service Provider or Subscriber account, the new operator can only log in to WatchGuard Cloud (, not Support Center.

Add an Operator

To add an operator:

  1. Log in to WatchGuard Cloud.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click .
    The My Account menu opens.

Screenshot of the account menu

  1. Click My Account.
    The My Account page opens.

Screen shot of WatchGuard Cloud My Account page

The Operator Status and Last Login columns only show in the Operators list for tier-1 Service Provider and tier-1 Subscriber accounts.

  1. In the Operators section, click Add Operator.
  2. In the User Name text box, type a user name.
  3. In the Email text box, type the operator's email address. To complete operator setup, the user must be able to receive the invitation at this address.
  4. The email address you enter must be unique.

  1. (Optional) Specify a Phone number.
  2. Specify a First Name and Last Name for the operator.
  3. From the Select Role drop-down list, select an operator role to determine permissions. For more information, go to Manage WatchGuard Cloud Operators.
  4. To require the operator to authenticate with the AuthPoint app when they log in to WatchGuard Cloud or the WatchGuard website:
    • For tier-1 Service Provider and tier-1 Subscriber account operators, select the Enable Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for this WatchGuard Cloud Operator check box. By default, MFA is enabled for new tier-1 account operators.
    • For tier-n account operators, enable the Multi-Factor Authentication toggle. By default, MFA is disabled for new tier-n account operators.
  5. In the Account Access section, select the account groups you want to give the operator access to. For more information, go to Manage Account Groups.
  6. Click Save.
    The user receives an email message with a link to set a password for WatchGuard Cloud. If you enable MFA for the operator, WatchGuard sends an additional email message to the user to activate the MFA token.

After you add an operator, the operator status is Pending. If they do not log in and set the password in 48 hours, the invitation expires, and the user account status changes to Expired. To give the operator access to WatchGuard Cloud, you must resend their invitation.

Resend an Operator Invitation

If a new operator does not finish their account setup, you can resend their invitation.

To resend an operator invitation:

  1. Log in to WatchGuard Cloud.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click . Click My Account.
  3. From the Operators list, click the user name for the operator.
    The operator settings open.

Screenshot of operator settings resend invitation link

  1. Click Resend Invitation.

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