Monitor ThreatSync

The Monitor menu in the ThreatSync management UI is where you monitor and perform actions on incidents for your account.

Summary Page

The Summary page opens by default in the Monitor > Threats menu for both Service Providers and Subscribers.

This page includes graphs, counters, and incident data and provides a snapshot of incident activity for your account over a specified period of time. For more information, go to ThreatSync Incident Summary.

Incidents Page

The Incidents page provides a centralized list of incidents for Incident Responders to review. For more information about how to filter the incidents on this page, go to Monitor ThreatSync Incidents.

From the Incidents page, you can monitor the incidents that occur in your environment, and complete these tasks:

Endpoints Page

The Endpoints page shows a list of endpoints for Incident Responders to review and perform Isolate Device and Stop Isolating actions for endpoint devices. For more information, go to Monitor ThreatSync Endpoints.

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