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Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes

You can configure a VPN from a cloud-managed Firebox to any Firebox or any third-party VPN endpoint that supports IKEv2 VPNs with compatible settings. For each BOVPN from a cloud-managed Firebox, WatchGuard Cloud generates a VPN Guide that summarizes the VPN configuration settings required on the remote VPN endpoint. You can view the BOVPN Guide from the Edit BOVPN page.

To view and save the BOVPN Guide, from WatchGuard Cloud:

  1. To open the BOVPN page, use one of these methods:
    • To manage BOVPNs for all Fireboxes in the currently selected account, select Configure > VPNs
    • To manage BOVPNs for a specific Firebox, on the Device Configuration page, click the Branch Office VPN tile.

Screen shot of the BOVPN page with a configured BOVPN

  1. To edit a BOVPN, click the BOVPN name.
    The Edit BOVPN page opens.
  2. Click the Guide tab.

Screen shot of the Edit BOVPN page, Guide tab

  1. Click View Guide.
    The BOVPN Guide opens in a new browser tab.

Screen shot of the BOVPN Guide

  1. To save the BOVPN Guide as a PDF, use the browser print option, and print the page to a PDF. Tip!

For security reasons, the VPN Configuration Summary in the BOVPN Guide does not include the pre-shared key.

Use a secure method to send the BOVPN Summary and the pre-shared secret to the administrator of the remote VPN endpoint.

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