Configure Fireboxes in WatchGuard Cloud

You can configure settings that control whether a Firebox can connect and send log messages to WatchGuard Cloud.

To go to the Device Settings page:

  1. Log in to your WatchGuard Cloud account.
  2. Select Configure > Devices.
  3. To see a summary of status for all devices in a folder, click the folder name.
    The detail pane shows a list of Fireboxes in the folder, with their current log setting, serial number, and Fireware OS version.
  4. To configure settings for a Firebox, click the Firebox name.
    Status and settings for the selected Firebox appear.
  5. Click Device Settings.

Screen shot of the Configure page for a Firebox that is Online

From the Device Settings page you can:

The top of the Configure page also includes most of the device status information available on the Device Summary page. For more information, see WatchGuard Cloud Device Summary.

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