Monitor Firebox Alarms in WatchGuard Cloud

Applies To: Cloud-managed Fireboxes, Locally-managed Fireboxes

You can configure the Firebox to send Alarm log messages to WatchGuard Cloud for some events. For example, you can configure an alarm to occur when APT Blocker drops a connection. Other Alarm log messages are automatically enabled and are not configurable.

There are several ways to see Firebox alarms in WatchGuard Cloud:

Traffic Monitor

To see real time alarm log messages from a connected cloud-managed Firebox, go to the Traffic Monitor page, Live Log tab, and select the Alarms filter. For more information, see Monitor Traffic on Fireboxes and FireClusters.

Log Search

To see alarm log messages, you can go to the Log Search page and select the Alarms filter. For more information, see Log Search (WatchGuard Cloud).

Alarms Report

To see alarms from a Firebox for a specific time period, you can run the Alarms report. For information about the Alarms report, see Alarms Report.

Alert Notification

To generate an alert or receive an email notification when the Firebox generates an alarm, configure a notification rule for device alarms. For more information, see Configure Notification Rules for Firebox Events.

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