Self-Help Tools

Explore Self-Help Tools

In addition to the information available in the Help Center, WatchGuard provides many other self-help tools that you can use to help you set up and configure your WatchGuard products and services.

Technical Search

From the Technical Search page on the WatchGuard website, you can run one search to find all the technical documentation that WatchGuard provides for our products.

Technical Search

Video Tutorials

From the Video Tutorials page on the WatchGuard website, you can find many video tutorials that provide an introduction to WatchGuard products and tools, and let you learn at your own pace.

WatchGuard Video Tutorials

Integration Guides

WatchGuard provides Integration Guides to help you integrate your third-party tool with your WatchGuard deployment.

Integration Guides

Training & Courseware

If you are a WatchGuard customer or partner with a WatchGuard user account, you can log in to the WatchGuard Portal and get access to WatchGuard training and courseware.

WatchGuard Training & Certification Information

Technical Courseware for Customers (login required)

Learning Center for Partners (login required)

WatchGuard Support

Another place you can find helpful information is in the Support pages of the WatchGuard website. There you can activate your products, download software, find technical answers, log in to your WatchGuard account, and contact Technical Support representatives.

WatchGuard Support

WatchGuard User Forums

In the WatchGuard User Forums, you can post your questions about WatchGuard products, and search for answers that other users might have already found.

WatchGuard User Forums

Hardware Guides

For information about your specific WatchGuard device model, you can download the appropriate Hardware Guide for your device.

WatchGuard Hardware Guides

All Product Documentation

From the Product Documentation page on the WatchGuard website, you can find all of the available technical product documentation for your WatchGuard products.

WatchGuard Product Documentation

WatchGuard Account Help

Learn how to manage users and products in your WatchGuard Portal account

WatchGuard Account Help

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