Reset a WatchGuard AP

You can use any of these methods to reset a WatchGuard AP to factory-default settings:

  • Reset the AP from the Gateway Wireless Controller
  • Press the reset button on the AP 
  • Unpair an AP
  • Disable automatic deployment for automatically deployed APs
  • Reset the AP from the access point's local web UI

When you reset an AP to factory default settings, you must discover and pair the AP again. For more information, see WatchGuard AP Discovery and Pairing.

If you are unable to connect to a WatchGuard AP100, AP102, AP200, or AP300 after a reset, the AP might be in Failsafe mode. For more information, see Recover an AP device in failsafe mode.

Reset a WatchGuard AP from the Gateway Wireless Controller

To reset the AP from the Gateway Wireless Controller, your Firebox must run Fireware v11.11.4 or higher.

Reset a WatchGuard AP with the Reset Button

The reset procedure you can choose depends on the firmware version on your AP or your AP model.

Unpair a WatchGuard AP

When you unpair an AP from a Firebox, the AP restarts with factory-default settings.

For more information, see Unpair an AP.

Reset Automatically Deployed WatchGuard APs

Automatically deployed APs are reset to factory-default settings if you disable the Automatic Deployment feature.

For more information, see About AP Automatic Deployment.

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