Download a Diagnostic Log Message File in Fireware Web UI

From Fireware Web UI, you can download a diagnostic log file (support.tgz) that includes packet trace information about your Firebox. By default, the name of the diagnostic log file is [name of the Firebox]_support.tgz. You can specify another name when you download the file.

Before you download the diagnostic log file, make sure that diagnostic logging is enabled on your device. For more information about how to enable diagnostic logging on your device, see Set the Diagnostic Log Level.

To download a diagnostic log file with packet trace information for your device: 

  1. Select System Status > Diagnostics.
    The Diagnostics page appears, with the Diagnostics File tab selected.

Screen shot of the Diagnostics File page

  1. Click Download a Support Log File.
  2. Select the location to save the diagnostics file.
    The support log file is saved in tarzipped (*.tgz) format.
  3. Click Save.

    The support log file is saved to the specified location.
  4. Review the details of the packet trace in the support log file.
  5. Disable diagnostic logging.

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