Multicast Routes

Multicast routing is a networking method for efficient distribution of one-to-many traffic, and is primarily used for audio and video streams. When you enable multicast routing on your Firebox, the Firebox is the local multicast router that forwards multicast traffic from the source to the devices on your network that receive the traffic.

For more information about multicast routing on your Firebox, go to About Multicast Routing.

On the System Status > Multicast Routes page, you can see information about the multicast routes on your Firebox.

Screen shot of System Status > Multicast Routes page in Fireware Web UI


The source IP address of the multicast data.


The multicast group address that receives the data.

Incoming Interface

The network interface that receives the multicast data from the source.

Outgoing Interfaces

The network interfaces that send the multicast data to the multicast group.

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