Subscription Services

On the Subscription Services Dashboard page, you can see the recent Subscription Services activity on your Firebox. If a Subscription Service has not already been activated on your Firebox, you can activate it from the Subscription Services page.

The Subscription Services page shows:

  • Scanned, infected, and skipped traffic that is monitored by Gateway AntiVirus
  • Scanned, suspect, and infected traffic that is identified by IntelligentAV
  • Scanned, detected, and prevented traffic that is monitored by Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Signature version and update information for Gateway AntiVirus and Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Good, bad, and inconclusive reputation score statistics for URLs checked by Reputation Enabled Defense
  • HTTP requests and traffic that is denied by WebBlocker
  • Clean, confirmed, bulk, and suspect mail that is identified by spamBlocker
  • Scanned, blocked, and quarantined content that is identified by Data Loss Prevention
  • Files allowed and dropped by the File Exceptions list
  • Scanned, blocked, and quarantined content that is identified by APT Blocker
  • Scanned and blocked content that is identified by Botnet Detection
  • Scanned and blocked traffic identified by Geolocation
  • Scanned, detected, and blocked applications that are identified by Application Control

Screen shot of the Dashboard > Subscription Services page

For more information about manual signature updates, see Subscription Services Status and Manual Signatures Updates.

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