About WatchGuard Support

WatchGuard® knows how important support is when you must secure your network with limited resources. Our customers require greater knowledge and assistance in a world where security is critical.

Support Subscription

Your Firebox includes a subscription to WatchGuard support services. The support subscription starts automatically when you activate your product.

Your support subscription provides these benefits:

Hardware Replacement Warranty

An active Support subscription extends the one-year hardware warranty included with each Firebox. Your subscription also provides advance hardware replacement to minimize downtime in case of a hardware failure. If you experience a hardware failure, and a certified WatchGuard technician approves your RMA, WatchGuard will ship a replacement unit to you before you have to send back the original hardware.

Software Updates

Your Support subscription gives you the ability to install updates to current software and functional enhancements for your WatchGuard products.

Technical Support

When you need assistance, our expert teams are ready to help.

For information about available levels of support and other available support services, go to http://watchguard.com/wgrd-support/support-levels.

Support Resources and Alerts

Your Support Service subscription gives you access to a variety of professionally produced instructional videos, interactive online training courses, and online tools specifically designed to answer questions you may have about network security in general or the technical aspects of installation, configuration, and maintenance of your WatchGuard products.

Our Rapid Response Team, a dedicated group of network security experts, monitors the Internet to identify emerging threats. They then deliver Support alerts to tell you specifically what you can do to address each new menace. You can customize your alert preferences to fine-tune the kind of advice and alerts the Support Service sends you.

Support Subscription Expiration

In the feature key on your Firebox, the support subscription is identified by the old name for WatchGuard support, LiveSecurity Service. The LiveSecurity Service expiration date in the feature key is the date the support subscription expires for that device. For more information about how to see expiration dates in the feature key, see About Feature Keys.

To maintain the security of your network, we recommend that you keep your support subscription active. When your subscription expires, you lose up-to-the-minute security warnings and regular software updates. This loss can put your network at risk.

You should renew your license before it expires to avoid any lapse in service. If the subscription has expired, the renewal license start date will be set to the original license expiration date, up to a maximum of six months back. For more information, see Terms and Conditions.