Test WebBlocker Actions

The WebBlocker Activation Wizard creates a WebBlocker action that you can apply to an HTTP or HTTPS proxy action. Before you enable a WebBlocker action, you can test the action to confirm whether WebBlocker will allow or block a URL.

To test a WebBlocker action:

  1. In Fireware Web UI, select Subscription Services > WebBlocker.

Screen shot of the WebBlocker page

WebBlocker Actions page in Fireware Web UI

  1. Click Test.

Screenshot of WebBlocker action.

  1. From the WebBlocker Action list, select the action you want to test.
  2. In the URL text box, type or paste the URL you want to test.
    The URL must include HTTPS:// or HTTP://.
  3. Click Test.
    The Category and Action that will be taken by WebBlocker show in the dialog box. To test another action or URL, click Clear and paste a new URL in the text box.

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