Set Up the WebBlocker Server

WebBlocker actions support two options for the WebBlocker Server. The selected option defines which server the Firebox connects to for WebBlocker category lookups.

WebBlocker Cloud

WebBlocker Cloud is a cloud-based URL categorization database. By default, WebBlocker uses WebBlocker Cloud.

The WebBlocker Cloud option does not use a locally installed WebBlocker Server. Instead, WebBlocker connects to the WebBlocker Cloud server hosted in the nearest location. WebBlocker Cloud has regional server clusters in five locations (UK, USA West Coast, USA East Coast, Hong Kong, and Australia).

The Firebox sends URL categorization lookup requests to the WebBlocker Cloud encrypted over HTTPS. In versions lower than 12.0, lookup requests are sent unencrypted over HTTP.

On-premises WebBlocker Server

If you do not want to use WebBlocker Cloud, you can install an on-premises WebBlocker Server and configure WebBlocker to use it for website lookups. The on-premises WebBlocker Server is a locally installed WebBlocker Server that uses a local version of the WebBlocker Cloud URL categorization database.

If you select this option, you must install the on-premises WebBlocker Server on a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine in your network and add details of the on-premises WebBlocker Server in the WebBlocker Global Settings.

For more information, go to About the On-premises WebBlocker Server.

You can configure WebBlocker to use an on-premises WebBlocker Server in Fireware v12.2 and higher.

If you used a locally installed WebBlocker Server in Fireware v12.1.x or lower, your WebBlocker configuration was updated automatically to use the WebBlocker Cloud when you upgraded to Fireware v12.2.

The WatchGuard System Manager v12.2 installer still includes a WebBlocker Server as an option. The local WebBlocker Server installed as part of WatchGuard System Manager is supported only for Fireboxes that run Fireware v12.1.x or lower. For information about how to configure a local WebBlocker Server in Fireware v12.1.x or lower, go toSet Up a WebBlocker Server in Fireware v12.1 Help.

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