Monitor WebBlocker Server System Settings

From the System Settings page Status tab, you can see status information for your WebBlocker Server.

  1. Select > Administration > Administration > System Settings.
    The System Settings page appears with the Status tab selected by default.

Screenshot of System Settings page Status tab.

  1. In the WebBlocker System Information section, review the status of the WebBlocker Server:

System Name

The name of the WebBlocker Server.

Operating System

The WebBlocker Server operating system.

System UUID

The universally unique identifier (UUID) number for the WebBlocker Server.


The version and build number of the WebBlocker Server.

CPU Usage

The total percentage of the VM CPU core used by the WebBlocker Server. The maximum is 100%.

To see the percentage of each CPU core that the WebBlocker Server processes uses, point to the ToolTip icon. Each CPU core has a maximum usage of 100%.

Memory Usage

The amount of memory on the VM used by the WebBlocker Server.

Current Time

The time on the WebBlocker Server, in the local time zone of the browser.

IP Address

The Eth0 interface settings (IP address and subnet mask) for the WebBlocker Server.

  • the Enabled icon — Indicates that the interface is enabled and configured.
  • — Indicates that the interface is disabled and not configured.
  1. Configure the settings as described in these topics:

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